> CiviCRM for non-profit organisations

CiviCRM for non-profit organisations

Are you a non-profit organisation such as a charity, foundation, trust
or political organisation that needs to manage a database of contacts? Do you want to send newsletters to your
constituents but find the process of creating and managing them
time-consuming and difficult? Would you like to enable your supporters
to sign-up online? Do you want to take donations via online credit card
payment? Are you currently using spreadsheets and number 8 wire to
manage registration for your events? 

CiviCRM could be the answer. CiviCRM is an open-source constituent
management system that allows you to manage your contacts, events,
newsletters, and donations all in one easy place that anyone in your
organisation can access via a secure web connection.

If you are currently using spreadsheets or Access databases to manage your memberships, and are finding they are no longer up to the task, CiviCRM could be the solution.

CiviCRM is a powerful constituent relationship management (CRM) system designed specifically for non-profit organisations. It provides a range of features that make it easier to manage information about your organisation's constituents, constituent groups and stakeholders.

With CiviCRM you can

  • Manage comprehensive information about your contacts in a single database, anywhere you can get access to the Internet
  • Allow multiple people in your organisation to manage your contacts, and control the tasks individuals in your organisation are able to perform
  • Integrate your contact management database with your website, and allow contacts to manage their own contact information online - no more "not at this address"!
  • Create, send and track multiple email newsletters via CiviMail, and allow people to subscribe and unsubscribe to newsletters via your web site.
  • Track and manage online and offline contributions such as donations and membership fees via a secure ecommerce capability using CiviContribute.
  • Manage event registration for free and paid events, including event registration via your website with CiviEvent.
  • Manage different membership types and allow online sign-up and renewal with CiviMember.
  • Easily transition management of the database as membership of your committee changes.

One of the best things about CiviCRM - apart from its array of powerful features - is that it is open-source software, which means there are no license fees associated with it.

Logis provides a range of services to help non-profit organisations deploy CiviCRM, including deployment planning, configuration, customisation, hosting and training. We can integrate CiviCRM into your existing website or we can create a new website with CiviCRM at its core.

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