> eTyre - tyre management software

eTyre - tyre management software

eTyre is tyre management software that tracks the location and longevity of truck and machinery tyres. eTyre automates the day-to-day tasks of ensuring that tyres are inspected, rotated, repaired and retreaded in a manner that maximises their life expectancy. eTyre also provides comprehensive analysis of tyre wear rates, life expectancy, forecast replacement and rotation.

Key Benefits:

  • eTyre tracks the position and history of every tyre in its position on the vehicle.
  • eTyre ensures regular inspection of tread depth and tyre pressure to maximise tyre life.
  • eTyre generates alerts when any situation arises that compromises tyre life.
  • eTyre enables tyre wear rates to be compared across vehicles, drivers and tyre manufacturers.
  • eTyre allows tyre inspections to be done at the vehicle using mobile devices or mobile phones.

Key Features:

  • Tracks all tyre movements and inspections for the life of the tyre.
  • Represents tyre location by graphical representation of the vehicle configuration.
  • Supports inspections in the field using mobile devices. Over 200 devices and mobile phones are supported.
  • Reports and graphs for analysis include: 
    • tyre wear rate
    • tyre wear cost
    • expected tyre life
    • residual tyre value
    • replacement forecast and recommended rotation
  • No setup fees - charges are based on actual monthly usage.

Visit the eTyre web site for more information and access to a demo of eTyre.