> Logis launches new service to help businesses get more from their website

Logis launches new service to help businesses get more from their website

Logis has launched www.websiteresults.co.nz, a new website that showcases the services it offers to businesses for website design, search engine optimisation and website optimisation.

Websiteresults.co.nz is designed to help businesses get more from their websites. According to David Parrott, General Manager of Logis:"There is too much emphasis placed on making websites look good, and not enough on ensuring that websites actually deliver measurable business results. Business owners generally make pretty smart investment decisions, but when it comes to websites they either spend too much for the results they get, or not enough to ensure any results at all".

Search engine rankings are critical

He says the key to getting good results on the web doesn't depend solely on having a good looking website. "Your location on the web is very important. In the retail world, you want a shop in a location with high foot traffic where a large percentage of that traffic are your target market. The same is true online - except in the online world, your location is your position in Google's search results.That means you need to think carefully about where you want to be found - and then design your website accordingly.

Usability is also paramount

"Also important is usability. Imagine you walked into a store in a great location that sold exactly what you wanted, but was arranged in an illogical fashion that made it impossible to find what you wanted. Or, even worse, one that had no sales assistants or checkout desk. You wouldn't spend a lot of time there - you'd move on to the next store. In the online world, the next store is only a click away, so your website needs to be easy to use and good at converting visitors - whether that means capturing an email address, instigating a phone call, or purchasing a product - otherwise you're going to lose visitors faster than you can get them".

Full service web design service

Websiteresults.co.nz is focused on addressing all aspects of web design to ensure that the website delivers results. "We are a full-service web marketing company. We can build you a website from scratch, taking care of all aspects of website design, usability design and search engine optimisation. Or, if you already have a website that isn't performing, we can review your website and make recommendations on how to improve it to deliver better results and implement those recommendations if you or your website designer aren't able to implement them yourself."

The web design market is changing

He sees the web development market in New Zealand becoming rapidly more sophisticated as more people get broadband and spend more time online. At the same time, expectations of what a website can deliver are rising - although there is a tendency to see getting a website as a silver bullet. "A lot of people think 'if I just get a website, I'll get more enquiries and more business'. That can be true, but only if you approach it as a marketing exercise rather than a technical exercise. The days of getting your 16 year son or neighbour to build you a website simply because they understand computers are on the way out. Sure, smart technology - and smart people to operate that technology - remain an essential part of the mix. At the same time, your website designer needs to understand how to market a business. A website is just another marketing tool, albeit one with huge potential. But if you get scared by the technology or the jargon, you're not going to get the best out of your website."

Free website audit

As a starting point, Websiteresults.co.nz offers a free website audit to anyone with an existing website who wants to know whether their website is delivering as much as it could- or should be. "We can usually tell within a few minutes whether a website is reaching anywhere near its potential. Our free website audit gives people a clear action plan to help them address the shortcomings of their website that they can choose to address on their own, or we can help them make those changes"

To find out more about Websiteresults.co.nz, visit the website, www.websiteresults.co.nz, or phone 0800 126 222 to register for your free website audit.