> Logis launches solution for managing large Ubercart stores

Logis launches solution for managing large Ubercart stores

Logis has launched a new solution for customers using Drupal and Ubercart for their ecommerce solution who need to work with large and dynamic product sets. This solution includes a customised Windows-based management tool that allows you to take product data from different sources and manipulate it before uploading it to Ubercart.


According to David Parrott, General Manager of Logis, the need for such a tool arose from a situation with www.computershopper.co.nz, Logis's own online store which is powered by Ubercart.


"We get a daily product feed of around 15,000 products from our suppliers in CSV format. The problem is, Drupal and Ubercart aren't great at handling large data uploads. Also, we need to calculate selling prices based on our buy price and the RRP. Customising Ubercart to do this was not really an option, and updating the CSV file manually before uploading it was also out of the question. So we developed a Windows application that would automate processing the CSV and update the Drupal database directly through MySQL".


He says that the solution has allowed them to become increasingly sophisticated in how they manage their product list. For example, they can include or exclude products from the store based on various criteria such as availability and pricing, as well as delegating management of products to different staff by category.


The solution that Logis is now offering to its customers is to supply the management tool they have developed and customise it for the specific requirement of each customer. The pricing, which starts at $NZ4,000, includes configuring the tool to meet the specific requirements of each customer.


According to David, "this tool provides you with a powerful management console for maintaining the inventory in your store. We can set it up to import from multiple datasources be they CSV or XML, and we can also have it act as a two-way conduit between Ubercart and a separate inventory system".


Further information on this offering can be obtained by contacting David Parrott on +64 7 985 6222, or by completing the contact form on this website.