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Network Support

Network Support

Whether you have 5 computers or 50, Logis can design a support program for your network that meets your business objectives as well as your budget. You can choose ad hoc support, where you only pay for our time when you need it. Or, you can subscribe to one of our support packages and get year-round support and proactive management of your network for a fixed price - like having a virtual IT manager.

Platforms supported

We are able to support networks containing a variety of hardware and software platforms, from small-scale networks with up to 5 standalone Windows or Macintosh computers, through to larger networks running Windows Server and Linux and client computers. In fact, there aren't many network environments that we can't support. Our strength lies in our experience and skill in managing heterogeneous environments.

Emergency Call-outs

If you're having an IT emergency, call us now on 07 577 0163 for help. We'll try to help you over the phone and the first 15 minutes are free during business hours. If we can't solve the problem on the phone, we'll come to you.

Ad Hoc Support

Maybe your network runs OK most of the time, but you occasionally need help to troubleshoot a particular issue, configure a new software application or install some new equipment. By choosing our ad hoc support option, you only pay for the time we spend. We can provide telephone support or come on-site for a small call-out charge. And if we can't fix your problem, you don't pay.

Remote Support

Depending on your network configuration, we can securely manage your network remotely over the internet. This allows us to troubleshoot most minor issues quickly and easily, and without incurring a call-out charge. If your network isn't set up to support remote management, we can advise you on an upgrade path that will give you this facility.

On-Site Support

Although remote support works best for everyone, sometimes there is no option but to have a support technician come on-site. Depending on the support package you subscribe to and the severity of the support issue, we can usually be onsite within an hour.

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